Apples for PYO

Apples currently are available  for PYO :

Spartan:  crunchy sweet with some tart eating apple

Ambrosia: Excellent eating apple at store only 

Empire: Excellent snack size apple.

Cortland: Eating or for salad (the best selling apple in Ontario)

Golden Delicious: snack size fresh eating

Red Delicious: not tart, sweet and crunchy apple

Idared: popular pie making apple, good for storage.

Mutsu: Tasty and good storage apple.

Golden Russet: Intense flavor and excellent wine making apple

Enterprise: Good eating apple, last up to 6 months in home Fridge.

Tolman Sweet: Just pure sweet apple

For other apple varieties please check HARVEST NEWS

Hard cider Apple: Golden Russet

Golden Russet: an ideal old-world cider apple for wine making , also has intense flavor for fresh eating and keeps well.
Available for pick your own and our farm store. Volume discount possible.

Russet apple juice can be provided as requested in late season.