–Other Varieties: Pears

Here the listing of current varieties of pears grown at Pieter's Appleyard:


Excellent for fresh eating and canning. Fruit is medium large and green when picked. Yellow when ripe.


The Bosc pear has a naturally occurring russet, which covers the surface, giving it a golden appearance. Bosc pears remain firm and keep their elegant shape during cooking


Flemish Beauty-
Fruit is large, blushed, attractive with good flavor. Excellent fresh eating and canning.

Harrow Delight

Harrow Delight-
Fruit is medium size and similar to Bartlett in appearance with excellent flavor and smooth flesh. Ground color is yellow with a red blush.


Red D Anjou-
This winter dessert pear is harvested in mid-September but is available nearly year around due to its fine storage quality when kept in controlled atmosphere. A medium to large sized pear, it is brightly colored with a dark red hue, sweet and richly flavored when ripe.