1. Is there an admission fee?

There is not an admission fee to visit Pieter’s Appleyard.

2. Do you pasteurize your apple cider?

We press our own apple cider. It is unpasteurized and bottled without any added sugar or preservatives.  Apple cider is naturally subjected to fermentation because no preservatives are added. Keep refrigerated and serve cold or heated. Cider may also be frozen. After thawing, shake to help break up the ice crystals before serving. We sell freshly frozen apple cider as well.

3. Are dogs allowed at Pieter’s Appleyard?

We know dogs are important members of the family. We welcome them at Pieter’s Appleyard. Please kindly follow the following guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all our visitors:

  • dogs are leashed at all times
  • clean up after your pet
  • pets are welcome on farm pathways,  and trails, but are not permitted in picking areas

4. How do we pay for our purchases?

We accept payment of cash or debit card only.

5. What about fundraising opportunities?

What’s better than bringing fresh apples to your students and your communities, while at the same time raising money for school equipment, community events etc. We offer 5 pound pre-packed apples during harvest months (Sept to Nov) for your fundraising needs. Please contact us at info@pietersappleyard.com for further details.