Medium to large in size, mostly red colouration with yellow patches. Ambrosia has a cream colored flesh with a sweet, crisp, aromatic flavour and low acidity. Excellent for eating.

has a red/orange vertical streaky appearance on a yellow/green background. Braeburn apples are useful in cooking in that they hold their shape and do not release a great deal of liquid, making them ideal for pies.

A cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis.Sweet and juicy with a hint of tartness. The flesh is snow white and resists browning. It is excellent for eating, salads, sauce, pies and baking and good for freezing.

Cox's Orange:
Well known, classic, very fine eating apple. Also excellent for all-around processing. Firm, tender, juicy flesh with a distinctive aroma and flavor

Cripps Pink/Pink Lady:
This cross between Golden Delicious and the Japanese apple Indo is an apple variety from Australia. Its distinctive pink/red color and pleasant flavor make it an interesting variety. It’s normally considered a variety for eating fresh, but it is a good stewing apple – the dense chewy flesh softens nicely with cooking.

Apple is creamy white, juicy, firm, crisp and used for fresh eating, baking or pies.

a relative newcomer - a cross of Mcintosh and Red Delicious. Flesh is greenish cream, slightly aromatic, and sub-acid. Empire apples are known as excellent fresh eating and are good keepers.

a super sweet, crisp apple. It holds its texture when baked. It’s known for its hard texture and syrupy sweetness. It is excellent for baking and salads.

The Gala-
is an all-purpose apple with creamy yellow flesh, crisp aromatically-sweet and juicy

Ginger Gold-
is a perfect multi-purpose apple great for snacking, salads, and baking. It is juicy, firm, crisp and tastes sweet and tangy

is sweet with a nice tangy bite. Good for pies, sauce, Baking and fresh eating.

is a deep rose red colour. The Hidden Rose is crisp and juicy, with a tangy flavour. It keeps well improving with age. It is great for fresh eating pies and baking


Golden Russet-
A very old variety brought from England. Smaller sized apple with a russeted skin. It is good for fresh eating, pies, baking and sauces. Keeps well too.

yellowish flesh, tart to sweet taste that is firm and keeps its shape when cooked. Great for fresh eating, pies and baking.

flesh is creamy, juicy, exceptionally crisp, sweet, and mildly aromatic. Used for fresh eating and dessert.

is firm with a sweet-tart taste. Excellent for pies and baking. Good for fresh eating, salads, sauce, and freezing. Keeps well.

Creamy flesh that is juicy and sweet with a little tang. Excellent for fresh eating, cooking, processing, and dessert.

flesh is yellow with a crisp and juicy, slightly tart flavour. It is good for fresh eating and is a disease resistant apple.

white flesh, tender crisp apple that tastes sprightly. It’s used for cooking, processing, juice and fresh eating.

firm, aromatic, all-purpose high quality eating apple.

believed to have originated from Eastern Ontario, Canada 200 years ago. Has white flesh, mildly tart to sweet as it ripens. Good for eating, pies, salads, or sauces.

Mutsu or Crispen:
a firm white fleshed apple that is sweet to tart tasting. Suitable for fresh eating and cooking.

Northern Spy:
Another original and very old variety. Has yellowish flesh and is tart tasting. It is used for fresh eating, and cooking, especially for pies.

flesh is creamy white, moderately crisp, juicy and moderately acid. Similar to McIntosh. A disease resistant variety.

tart with a crisp flavour. Good for fresh eating and cooking.

creamy white flesh that is sweet and crisp. Good for fresh eating and salads.

flesh is creamy, juicy with a mild flavour. Used for fresh eating or sauce. A disease resistant variety.

Fruit is medium size and rated very high in appearance. It’s firm, crisp and juicy. Used for fresh eating.

a sport of Golden Delicious. Yellowish flesh that is tart to sweet in flavour. Great for fresh eating, pies, or baking.

pure white flesh. Soft flesh with an aromatic, distinctive flavour. Used for eating and is excellent in cider.

pure white flesh. Soft flesh with an aromatic, distinctive flavour. Used for eating and is excellent in cider.

Tolman Sweet:
flesh is firm, moderately juicy and sweet with little acidic flavour. Great for fresh eating or baking.

Vista Bella:
for such an early variety the flavour is remarkably good. The flesh is light and juicy, and this apple is very easy and enjoyable to eat. However, it doesn’t keep long.

excellent dessert and multi-purpose apple. Crisp, juicy flesh is refreshing and sprightly.

Wolf River:
a very large apple with outstanding culinary qualities. The flesh is tender sub acidic to tart and juicy. Excellent for pies.

Yellow Transparent:
white flesh is juicy and slightly tart. It’s used for processing, drying, freezing, sauce, cooking, and fresh eating.

Beside many apples varieties, we are also growing Peaches, Pears and Cherries.