Harvest News

Last updated on October 17, 2017

Variety U Pick In Store Harvest Timing
Ambrosia finished finished Early October
Braeburn Coming Coming Mid October
Cortland finished store only Late September
Cox Orange finished finished Late September
Cripps Pink Coming Coming Mid October
Elstar finished finished Mid September
Empire picking Available Late September
Fuji picking Available at store Late October
Gala finished finished Mid September
GingerGold Finished Finished Late August
Golden Delicious Picking now at the store Mid October
Golden Russet Picking Available Store Mid October
Granny Smith finished finished Mid October
Gravenstein finished finished Early September
Greensleeves finished finished Mid September
Hidden Rose finished finished Mid October
HoneyCrisp Finished finished Mid September
Idared picking available Mid October
JonaGold finished finished Early October
Liberty finished available Late September
Lodi Finished Finished Early August
Macoun finished finished Early October
McIntosh finished Store Only Mid September
Mutsu or Crispen finished store only Mid October
Northern Spy picking available Mid October
Novamac Finished Finished Early September
Paulared Finished Finished Mid August
Red Delicious picking available Mid October
Redfree Finished Picking Finished Mid August
Silken Finished Picking finished Early September
Smoothie finished finished Early October
Snow finished finished Late September
Spartan finished finished Mid September
Tolman Sweet picking available Mid October
Vistabella Finished Finished Mid August
Wealthy Finished finished Early September
Wolf River Finished At the Store Mid September
Yellow Transparent Finished Finished Early August

Other Fruit Varieties

Bartlett Pears finished finished Early September
Bosc Pears Store Only available Early October
Flemish Pears finished finished Mid September
Harrow Delight Pears Finished Finished Late August
Red D'Anjou Pears finished finished Mid September
Early Red Haven Peach Finished Finished Early August
Red Haven Peach Finished Finished Mid August
Bing Cherry Finished Finished Early July
Viscount Cherry Finished Finished Mid July
Fruit Coming online this week